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Be Yourself – at your best

Michelle Pombart
Michelle Pombart Director, People and Performance
"At GWF we want you to 'be yourself – at your best'. We work in a tough industry and to be competitive, we need people to be at their best. We want to understand our people as individuals first, so we provide the right support, challenge, and stretch to help them be a success.

With businesses in the local region as well as globally, through our parent ABF in the UK, we have access to expertise and geographies across the world. This provides a wide range of choices for our people to progress their career and develop skills they may not usually access in a smaller business.

We take pride in the work we do and employ a diverse range of people with specialist and unique skills. As a daily fresh business, our people understand the importance of getting things right for our customers who depend on us. Driving performance and standards is key for our success. It's particularly important as we encourage an autonomous working model where people can create and deliver within their business, living our GWF values in a way that's authentic to them.

Diversity in our business is encouraged and recognised by our people as a way of delivering better outcomes. We welcome people who have different experiences and backgrounds, as they bring valuable perspectives and insights. GWF encourages applications from people with disability; and are committed to making reasonable workplace adjustments to provide a positive, barrier-free recruitment process and supportive workplace.

We are proud of our offer for our people and are continually looking for ways to improve it to better meet the needs of our people and the business. Here's some of what's on offer with a career at GWF and what we expect from our people!"

High challenge, high support

We need high levels of performance, so we place a high priority on you spending time with your leader to understand goals and what a successful outcome looks like. Regular performance conversations throughout the year ensure you remain on track to deliver your commitments. We identify high performers through our talent and succession processes, offering them challenging career opportunities.

Safety for everyone, everyday

Safety is our first priority and everyone is accountable. We expect you to act safely in everything you do, and speak up when you see a safety issue. What you walk past is what you accept and it takes real discipline and a 'can do' attitude to stop what you are doing and take action. We invest in a range of safety systems, tools, training and support to make sure we live up to our safety commitments. Our CEO and leadership team are strong role models with clear accountability in their KPI's to deliver on our safety targets.

Be the best you - developing your skills

We expect you'll look for ways to develop your skills and capabilities that align to both GWF's business priorities and your needs. We invest in your development, giving you regular feedback and coaching so you know what to work on and how you are progressing. We also provide training, tools and support along the way to help you get there. We want to understand your ambitions to focus on how we can develop you today in line with future aspirations.

Rewards for performance

In striving to achieve challenging goals, we want you to take pride in what you do and deliver results in a way that's aligned to GWF's values and behaviours. We offer competitive pay, and for certain roles, the added incentive of an annual bonus that rewards higher performance. Your leader will make decisions about your salary and bonus level based on your performance.


Great leaders create commitment and belief in their people to continue the business journey. We want our leaders to coach and deliver through their people, and that requires a balanced approach - growing both the business results and their people. We recognise that people typically join a company and then leave due to a poor relationship with a leader, so we hold our leaders accountable for their behaviours and how well they perform as a leader first. We use a range of ways to measure and develop our leaders so they can be at their best.

A simple thank you

We recognise people work extremely hard and that saying 'thank you' is a great way for them to feel good about what they are doing. We have a three tiered program that encourages everyone to thank their work mates, creating a culture where we appreciate each other and build collaboration. Leaders also have a key role in taking time out to celebrate within their teams, recognising people who have delivered great results in a way that role models our behaviours. Our CEO and leadership team also celebrate year end by identifying the 'best of the best' and recognising their valuable contributions.

Thank You

Everyone counts

We ask you to speak up, share your views, and seek out the information you need to do your job effectively. We support our leaders to have honest and open conversations with you, sharing information that's relevant to your role. We have a range of ways to help you connect with people and the business in all parts of GWF and ABF.

Part of the community

We give you opportunities to contribute to the community through GWF's Foundation partners and encourage our people to give beyond the commercial outcomes of the business. These opportunities allow you to connect with the communities and individuals who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Be Yourself at your best