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GWF Alignment Model

Our Alignment Model creates clarity for GWF's diverse businesses, giving them a common purpose, vision and values, and importantly the behaviours and capabilities required for future success.
GWF Alignment Model

Core purpose

The deeper reason for our existence

At GWF we believe our customers and consumers come first. We exist and collaborate to achieve one united purpose.

'To delight people every day with food they love.'


What we aspire to achieve

GWF's vision is what we aspire to achieve. This is the starting point for every business plan and our personal objectives across GWF.

'By 2020 we have created a world where consumers and customers can't live without our branded food and expertise.'


What's important to us

GWF's values are at the heart of everything we do.

delivering our promises
We are comfortable being on the hook, stepping up, taking responsibility and delivering on commitments.
stretching, pushing boundaries
We aim high, we challenge and stretch ourselves and each other, striving to be ourselves at our best, delivering extraordinary performance.
working together to achieve
We work well with others, always looking for mutual gain and benefits in our relationships, and achieving more together.


How we need to behave

GWF has 10 behaviours that bring our core purpose, vision and values to life. They guide 'how' we go about achieving the 'what'. The behaviours apply to all our leaders and people and are used to guide and assess performance.

  1. Disciplined thought and disciplined action
  2. I do what I say
  3. Trusts people
  4. Provides open and honest feedback
  5. Leads, coaches, develops
  6. Listens carefully, evaluates options
  7. Champions consumers and customers
  8. Keeps it simple and relevant
  9. Does the right thing for the long term
  10. Learns, adapts and grows


In order to deliver our vision and purpose, GWF has identified six capabilities that are fundamental for success. The stronger we are in each area the better we will perform.

  1. Insight led innovation
  2. Brand building
  3. Customer and category leadership
  4. Outstanding food technology
  5. Supply chain excellence
  6. Authentic and inspiring leadership